The Science of Leadership

Improve your leadership, management and communication skills by applying insights from neuroscience to social psychology

I'm extremely proud to present you 'The Science of Leadership'. This course has the ambition to build a bridge between a century of science and 21st century managers. A bridge between how our brain works and how to use that knowledge to improve our communication and leadership abilities.

The course itself is quite dense, so take your time. Don't rush through it. Let the information sink and try things out gradually, before moving on. This way you'll get the most out of this course.

We"ll go over a series of major studies and experiments, but more importantly, each time we'll see how the conclusions apply to our team, so we can turn all these insights into concrete actions.

So expect some theory, of course, but most of all,

  • expect scientific insights to manage your teams more effectively,
  • expect powerful communication techniques to coach your team members
  • expect to gain a deep understanding of motivation and how to apply that to your team
  • expect a new model for leadership which will give you a unique perspective on your team

So, welcome! I'm excited to have you here, and hope you'll enjoy this course as much as I did creating it.

See you inside!


Intended Audience: Anybody in charge of a team

The Science Behind Leadership
Reptilian Brain
Paleolimbic Brain
Neolimbic Brain
Prefrontal Brain
Brain Based Leadership Styles
Dominance vs Leadership
Genetic Program
Facing Danger
RSM: Relational Stress Management
Avoid Danger
Avoid Starvation
Summary Genetic Programs
Prior Experience
The eye of the beholder (I)
Extrinsic Motivations
Managing the Neolimbic Brain
Engagement: Ingredient 1
Engagement: Ingredient 2
Instant Gratification
Self Evaluation
Summary Prior Experience
The importance of context
Our team is not a sum of individuals
About Authority
The eyes of the beholder (II)
Summary of Context
A new model of leadership

What's included

  • 32 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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