Master your brain: Neuroscience for personal development

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Discover the NeuroCognitive and Behavioral Approach. Learn how 4 brainstructures run our lives and how to take control

The NBA (or Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach) is a fascinating, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach born out of 25 years of scientific research. It combines the fields of neurosciences, social psychology, behavioral sciences and many more to come up with one overlaying, comprehensive theory which gives unique insights in our complex human nature. It was originally developed by the French scientist J. Fradin.

As the director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism I had the chance to work with Dr Fradin and become an expert in his groundbreaking approach. I've developed this course as to make his work accessible to all, regardless of background or prior knowledge. I'm much more a communicator than a scientist myself. And that's exactly my contribution to his work: explaining complex matters in a comprehensive and entertaining way.

Some feedback from our students:

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"...I really didn't know what to expect going into this course, but I am VERY satisfied with this course. I learned so much, and feel like I can actually actively use this information. Actions of others, and habitual actions of myself make more sense now after learning more about how the brain works. The lesson itself is very well laid out, and simplified. That was a big deal to me that this was simplified because I didn't think I was going to be able to understand such a complex topic. I felt it was very well done, easy to understand and fun to learn! Highly suggested course! Great teacher, good sense of humor too!"

Lacey Jade Lanzo

"I have learned so much and will redo the course for even better understanding. I feel I will be able to put in application what I have learned. Thank you so much for the tone of the course. You have made it so interesting."

Diane Demers

"Life changing course.... amazing instructor .... the value is beyond the time spent to watch the videos..."

Ibrahim Abualhaol

"Halfway through the course and I'm finding this all so fascinating - I just want to talk to everyone about what I'm learning here and figure out how to (practically) apply it to my everyday life. Amazing course. Thank you!!!"


"I am a psychology major and took a number of neuroscience courses in school. I still learned and benefited a lot from this course. Definitely worth every penny! The course is well organized and engaging. Love it! Thank you Gregory Caremans for such a high value and quality course!"

Flora Chu

"This is really good! just do it, don't hesitate it will be worth your time, energy and effort."

Douglas Fransson

"Upon completing this course, you will feel like Neo seeing the code behind the Matrix. Understanding how the human brain is working in general will provide you with insight for so many areas of life: Work, School, Personal Life, Self-Esteem, more! I came to this class for the sheer curiosity. I received so very much more! Thanks to Gregory's class: I am able to get along better with many more coworkers than previous because I can better recognize the "modes" they are stuck in: My self-esteem stays high when dealing with the coworkers I just never WILL get along with (too dominant or too marginalized), because I know *it's not my brain that's malfunctioning*: I have better negotiating skills than ever because now I know how, when, and WHY to ask questions to difficult personalities in an effort to come to a harmonious solution: I still have a lot to practice, but this course contains information that I will carry with me for a lifetime."

Ms. A. Lynn

"This course is first class. It's a very enjoyable and instructive ride. I went trough it quite quick because I was very curious about what was following. I will definitely go through it again, but more at ease to let it all settle in. From now on I will look with a new perspective to myself and others."

Christophe Calis

"Maybe if this was a required course for humanity as a means of understanding human behavior, we would all understand each other better, which, in turn could lead to world peace. All we need is a little understanding. Thank you! Awesome course. It has definitely changed my perspective of how I view others."

Tracey Boyer

"Gregory, you did a masterful job in bringing forth practical advice on how we can use our brain more effectively. Understanding the underlying mechanisms is important and then introducing solutions. Thanks!"

Bob choat

"One of the Greatest courses on earth. Very helpful for my life, my family and others."

Pinyo Rattanaphan

"I'm only halfway through the course and already I've learned so much valuable information about stress, self-confidence and trust, and the parts of the brain that control them. The course offers incredibly actionable advice on how to assess and respond to your own and others' mental states in a healthy way. Super fascinating -- I recommend it!"

Natalie Goel

"I have just finished this class! Its amazing and practical! I think I will listen to it again and again. Thank you so much :-)"

Lyra Chang

"It is amazing and the clarity of explanation is excellent."

Nath Govind

"This course is excellent. The material is presented in a clear and forthright manner, with a kind tone and a wonderful sense of humor. I came away with a solid understanding of the functions & motivations of the various parts of the brain. Clear and practical solutions were presented and I feel that I am now enabled to make long-desired changes. To say that I highly recommend this course is a major understatement. Thank you for sharing this information!"


"It has been one of the most gorgeous courses I have taken in the past years - I just couldn't stop writing notes: finally I ended up with 24-page note, and I started to re-read them and apply this fantastic information in real life. The instructor is highly knowledgeable and very engaging. Thank you!"

Andras Csaszar

So, expect to develop a revolutionary new framework, based on our active brain structure. Look at the world with new eyes and recognize the underlying patterns that govern our lives and that of those around us. Expect exercises, homework, putting theory into practice in a fun and entertaining way.

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Intended Audience: everyone with an interest in personal development and how our brain works

NBA: 25 years of multidisciplinary research
A journey into ourselves
Before we start
The role of the Reptilian Brain
Types of Stress
Recognizing your own stress
How to manage our stress
Introduction to RSM
RSM - Flee
RSM - Fight
RSM - Freeze
Conclusion to RSM
Conclusion to the Reptilian Brain
Before we start
The role of the Paleo-Limbic Brain
Self Confidence
How we get our group positioning
Knowing your own positioning
Different situations, same position
RGPM -Relational Group Positioning Management
RGPM - rules to follow
Conclusion to the Paleo-Limbic brain
Before we start
The role of the Neo-Limbic Brain
Primary Personalities
Impact of the reptilian strategies
Eight personality types
Secondary Personalities
loss of motivation
Conclusion to the Neo-limbic brain - Motivations
Before we start
Obsessions - How to spot them
Causes and mechanism
Actif and Passif
Failure to compensate
Recover your freedom
Manage others
Conclusion to the Neo-Limbic brain - Obsessions
Before we start
The Automatic Mode versus the Adaptive Mode
The 6 dimensions of the Pre-frontal brain
Multiple point of views
The Means/demands Pyramid
Prefrontal others
Conclusion to the Prefrontal brain
Content and container
Who's in control?
BONUS: Presentations
BONUS: Adolescence vs Mid-Life crisis
BONUS: Discipline vs Self-Discipline
Final Conclusion

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  • 44 Video Lessons
  • 16 Text Lessons

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