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Meet your brain: an introduction to neuroscience

Psychology and science. Discover how 4 brainstructures control our emotions and decisions


Brain Academy

Stress Management: 40+ easy ways to deal with stress

Stress relief and burnout prevention. Don't let stress control your life. Beat anxiety and worries. Live, Laugh, Love.


Brain Academy

Neuroscience for parents: How to raise amazing kids

Parenting to help your children develop a healthy self esteem and trust. nurture their talents and bond with them


Brain Academy

Master your brain: Neuroscience for personal development

Discover how this approach can help with stress, self confidence, motivation, change, communication, relations, ...


Brain Academy

Marketing and Manipulation: A Consumer's Guide

Learn how neuromarketing plays with subconscious triggers to make us buy more. Take this course and become immune to it


Brain Academy

The Science of Leadership

Improve your leadership, management and communication skills by applying insights from neuroscience to social psychology


Brain Academy

Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain

Develop your mental flexibility, change old habits or start new ones, and even neutralize negative old memories


Brain Academy

Memory and Learning Skills

Discover how our memory works and how to stimulate our brain, from newborn over teenager and adulthood to old age


Brain Academy

Confessions Of An Ex Procrastinator

Understand the why, how and what of Procrastination, and more importantly, learn a whole series of strategies to overcome it.


Brain Academy

Increase Your Focus

Everything you need to know about Focus and attention, from distractions and multi-tasking to improvement strategies


Brain Academy

30 Days Brain Challenge

What will happen if, for 30 days in a row, you will get a brain challenge to be performed that same day?


Brain Academy

Our Credentials

Learn from an expert in human behavior

Partnering with The Economist Group

We are thrilled and honored to to have been hand picked by The Economist Group as one of their qualified experts, to offer our courses to their distinguished readers

Gregory Caremans

Neurocognitive and Behavioral Expert
Digital Author, Corporate Trainer,
Public Speaker & Entrepreneur.

Former Director of the
Institute of Neurocognitivism

As the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels (Belgium),
Gregory specialized in the NBA,
or Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach

I'm a psychologist with a Master in communication, specialized in the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. I'm the former Director of the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels (Belgium). Today, I've specialized in writing and producing high quality brain-related content.

My courses have enrolled over 40,000 people in 175 countries helping them understand how their brains work and apply that to areas such as leadership and management, marketing, personal development, parenting, stress management, and so on.

The materials presented in this academy find their origins in the NBA, The Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach. Me and my team added insights from other
scientific fields to come up with a series of courses on human behavior that will simply blow your mind.

Follow us on this amazing journey that is the exploration of the human mind. From personal development over leadership to parenting, not only will you take a whole new perspective on yourself and others, but more importantly, we will hand you the keys to influence and change the conscious and unconscious processes that run our lives.